Launching a Google Ads Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

To ensure the success of your next Google Ads campaign, it's essential to follow a thorough preparation process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started and maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

1. Account registration

Google Ads account

  • Visit the Google Ads website and create your account. If you need further assistance, please contact your sales consultant.

Google Analytics

  • Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your website. Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

2. Initial Marketing Suggestions

Recommended start date: May 2024

Recommended products:

Google Search

  • Brand keywords: Target your own brand keywords.
  • Product keywords: Create an ad group by product category.
  • Long Tail keywords: Use users' search habits for these specific keywords. Although their volume is low, they have high conversion rates. For example, keywords like "How to..." based on user queries.

Google Shopping

  • Before launching Google Shopping, sign up for a Google Merchant Center account. Upload your product feed and get it approved. If you have approval problems, ask your account manager for help.

3. Steps to launch Google Ads

  1. Register and Configure Your Google Ads Account
    • Complete the account registration and fill in your company information and payment details. Detailed steps can be found in the documentation provided.
  2. Contact your Account Manager
    • Share your 10-digit account ID with your account manager for registration in the Google system. Schedule a session with a Google network engineer to set up Google Analytics and conversion tracking in your Google Ads backend.

Preparation included:

  • Google Analytics (GA) registration: Follow this guide to register.
  • Authorize Google Analytics (GA): Grant permissions by navigating to the GA backend > Admin > Account user management > Add new user with 'Read & Analyze' and 'Modify' permissions.
  • Authorize Google Ads Account: Go to Ads backend > Tools & Settings > Account access > Add new user.

(For any difficulties, official technical support is available).

  1. Join the Support Group
    • Once you've confirmed the configuration, contact your manager to set up an official newsgroup for day-to-day technical support.
  2. Professional Optimization Support
    • Within 3 to 5 business days of registering your account ID in the system, you will be assigned a professional ad optimizer for six months. This expert will help you with:
      • Initial company assessment
      • Selecting the right advertising campaigns
      • Configuring the content of your Google Ads account
      • Launching your ads
      • Monitoring and adjusting ad performance
      • Detailed training on ad operation and the backend
      • Regular follow-up meetings
  3. Post-Six-Month Support
    • After the first six months, ongoing support will be provided by Google Ads customer service for day-to-day questions and follow-up. You can always contact the Google team for help with your advertising campaigns.


To get the best results from your Google Ads campaign, it's crucial to follow these detailed steps and use the resources and support available. By carefully preparing and optimizing your ads, you can guarantee a successful and effective advertising strategy.

Suggested product: Google Search
Suggested budget: $10/day

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