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  • 25% to 30% of RDV.
  • Freshness of a few seconds.
  • The customer knows you're going to call.
  • Qualified, Exclusive & 0% wrong number
  • Replacing duplicate leads

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How our Lead PACs are qualified

Our leads are generated by advanced targeting, promotional content, and need to go through more than 5 pages of questions to really qualify them. Only people who are interested will send their leads, but your sales team will be able to qualify them easily.


Less work for you

Our heat pump lead generation process is based on an understanding of the heat pump market, direct and indirect competitors, customer issues, and the solutions your company will import.

This means that once the potential customer fills in the form, it's just a few steps on your part to turn it into a customer, albeit a work site.

What do you earn?

More than lead heat pump you gain notoriety for your company, leads for your products and services. less than a few minutes oldAnd if you have a website, you can earn free visitors without having to pay us for the leads you receive.

Our added value

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