Sometimes you have some demons you need to fight in order to defy procrastination and beat it to the ground, for me these are the statements that helped me a lot on overcoming procrastination, and be more productive :

We all know there is workout, meditation, or daily writing which is a very helpful routine, but there are attitudes who are a lot more helpful if done with the ones above, i've organized some attitudes for reasons using the So What / Who cares attitude, read along and tell me how it makes you feel :

For stopping hating yourself:

  1. Past MistakesSo what if I made mistakes in the past? Who cares if I feel ashamed? Everyone makes mistakes, and they don't define who I am today.
  2. Ashamed of My ActionsSo what if I feel ashamed of some things I've done? Who cares if it haunts me? Those actions are in the past, and I've learned and grown from them.
  3. Self-HateSo what if I sometimes hate myself for my past actions? Who cares if it's hard to let go? I deserve to forgive myself and move forward with kindness and compassion.
  4. Complicating FeelingsSo what if I complicate my feelings about the past? Who cares if it's a struggle? It's okay to have complicated emotions, but I don't have to let them control my present and future.

For prioritizing yourself more :

  1. Self-Priority: So what if I focus on my needs and growth first? Who cares if others think I'm being selfish? Prioritizing myself actually strengthens my ability to support others better.
  2. Invest in Myself: So what if I invest time and energy in my personal development and well-being? Who cares if it seems self-centered? My progress is essential for helping others effectively.
  3. Lead by Example: So what if I make sure my own needs are met first? Who cares if some people don't understand? By doing this, I lead by example, showing how important self-care and personal growth are.

For Loving Yourself More:

  1. Self-Love First: So what if I prioritize loving and caring for myself? It just means I can love others even better. Who cares if it sounds selfish? It's actually empowering.
  2. Embrace My Worth: So what if I recognize and celebrate my worth? I deserve love and kindness from myself. Who cares if others don't get it? I do.
  3. Nurture My Well-Being: So what if I take time each day for my well-being? Self-care makes me stronger. Who cares if it's seen as indulgent? It's essential.

For Forgiving Yourself More:

  1. Release the Past: So what if I let go of past mistakes? They're just lessons learned. Who cares if they linger in my mind? They don't define me.
  2. Practice Compassion: So what if I treat myself with compassion? I deserve the same understanding I give others. Who cares if I've been hard on myself before? That changes now.
  3. Accept Imperfection: So what if I make mistakes? Everyone does. Who cares if I'm not perfect? Forgiving myself lets me move forward with wisdom.

Read these each morning, out lout so you can hear them, and calmly, add as much as you can along the wayAs you guys see i still suffer with prioritizing myself more, so i need to work on it more, but that doesn't mean i will stop giving you news and informationthank's everyone for reading.

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