Available Ad Accounts

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For us to create an ad Accoutn for you, please provide us with :

Time of work

Monday to Friday :
8 am to 6 pm

Important note : Orders are processed only in the morning

Important Note

Please note that it's crucial to inform the support team at : Whatsapp
to learn about our active bank accounts for payment before proceeding.


How do i make sure i will get my order


Is a Moroccan Company registered under the n ational Commerce Registration code :

RC : 547211

Guidelines to Follow When Requesting

Money Transfer:

I have sent XXXXX$ and credited XXXXX$ to the advertising account XXXXX. Please send us a photo of the transfer.

Transferring the Advertising Account to Another Business Manager:

Remove the advertising account XXXXX from the business manager XXXXX and link it to the business manager XXXXX.

Request for Reviewing Disabled Advertising Account:

The advertising account XXXXX has been disabled. Please submit the review.

Transferring Balance from One Advertising Account to Another:

Transfer XXXXX$ from the advertising account XXXXX to the advertising account XXXXX.